Thursday 30 March 2017


Mountains, David Jupp (guitar/vocals), Chris Randall (bass) and  Josh Hussey (drums) are a trio from London, UK dealing in riff heavy psych salted with elements borrowed from both the prog metal and stoner ends of the underground rock spectrum.
 The band, formed in 2014, have just released their first full length album "Dust In The Glare"

The first thing you notice while perusing "Dust In The Glare's" eight song track listing is the brevity of each track, with only one song exceeding the four minute mark, this however does not detract from the albums overall impact in fact it adds to it. From the heavily fuzzed first bars of opening song "Everglades" to the gloriously schizophrenic title track "Dust In The Glare" that closes proceedings there is a flow to this debut, both lyrically and musically, that some, more seasoned bands, struggle to achieve after numerous releases. Jupp's voice dominates the album his tone clean, smooth and very "English" as he sings of " a harvest that withers in the shade" (Lonely Cities) and" the weight that tips the crooked mask" (Fortress) and  he even mixes it up with a little throaty sludge roaring on the aforementioned title track. Randell and Hussey support Jupp's vocal outpourings and mix of gentle guitar arpeggios, scorching solo's and fuzz soaked riffs with a wonderful array of  rhythmic dynamics laying out with liquid low end and shimmering percussion when the song calls for it, going hell for leather when the tempo dictates, a musical unity that is never better exemplified than on the albums two instrumentals "Towards The Woods" and "Ithaca".
"Dust In The Glare" is not your archetypical "underground" rock album it crosses back and forth between genres touching base with prog, stoner, metal and even a little grunge in places but it is this diversity of styles that makes this album stand out from the crowd and makes this an album you should definitely check out ....

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