Saturday 11 March 2017


Denver's Cloud Catcher have been burning up oxygen with their brand of riff fuelled cosmic groove since their formation in 2013 and as those lucky enough to have heard the bands 2015 debut "Enlightened Beyond Existence" will tell you, these guys know how to rock a riff or two.
The band, Rory Rummings (guitar/vocals),  Kameron Wentworth  (bass) and Jared Soloman Handman (drums), recently signed with Totem Cat Records, a move culminating in the release of their second album "Trails of Kozmic Dust"

Driven by the the influences of heavy blues laced 70's hard rock bands like (early) Grand Funk Railroad, Cream and Mountain and salted with touches of Hendrix-esque guitar pyrotechnics "Trails of Kozmic Dust" is very much an album born of the past but existing in the present. Cloud Catcher are no retro band trying to recapture an age however, these guys bring into their heavy rocking 70's grooves elements of todays doom, psych and stoner, blending them with those of yesterday and creating a sound that although having its roots firmly planted in the past still manages to sound fresh, exiting and in the now. From the Mountain-esque grooves of  opener"Astral Warlord" to the Budgie -like riffs and motif's of final track "Righteous Ruler" Cloud Catcher pay homage and tribute to those that have gone before and those that may yet come, the trio laying down fuzz drenched stoner/hard rock grooves packed with swirling bluesy guitar solo's, spine crumbling bass and tight solid percussion. Add the grainy, powerful blues drenched vocal tones of Rummings into this maelstrom of stonerized heavy blues drenched groove and you arrive at an album that you not only should but must check out .....

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