Friday 3 March 2017


Phoenix Arizona's Goya emerge from the "Valley of the Sun" once again to assail our senses with four slices of monolithic groove delivered under the mighty banner of  "Harvester of Bongloads" (Opoponax Records)

"Harvester of Bongloads" begins with that old chestnut of the 70's a conceptual piece, a twenty minute plus opus that lyrically pays homage to the "sweetest leaf" as well as lamenting the state of the world we live in, and is entitled "Omen". Split into three movements, " Strange Geometry", "Fade Away" and "Life Disintegrates", "Omen" shifts through a series of differing dynamics from tribalistic drums and backward sounding vocal effects through guitar wailing jamming to a full on monolithic, riff laden sludge/stoner doom finale Nick Lose (drums) lays down tumultuous barrages of rhythmic thunder superbly complimented by Sonny DeCarto's big gnarly overdriven bass lines, the pair laying the perfect foundations for Jeff Owens to build his fuzz drenched riffs and solo's over as well as adding his deep powerfully booming and slightly monotonic vocals to.
"Germination" follows and is a short yet totally enjoyable slab of plodding doom coated in scorching guitar that descends into white noise and feedback before re-emerging as.....
"Misanthropy On High"  is Goya doing what Goya does best, laying down thick grooves of devastating sludge tinted doom around lyrical diatribes against humankind. Owens delivers a superb vocal performance over DeCanto and Lose's backdrop of thrumming bass and pulverising percussion, at the same time tearing scintillating and molten hot riffs, licks and solo's from his fretboard. The three musicians come together like pieces of a jigsaw complimenting each others contributions and combining to create a whole that is as heavy as it is addictive.
"Disease" sees Goya paying homage to their Sabbathian roots with the trio raising the tempo slightly and hitting a groove that although owing a large debt to Ozzy and Co. also carries within its deeply dark hard rock grooves a touch of North Dakota stoners Egypt's sonic assault.

"Harvester of Bongloads"  is an album of superb new grooves and in Desert Psychlist's considered opinion is Goya's finest hour to date
Check it out .....

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