Sunday 9 October 2016


Canada is slowly creeping up the league table of go-to countries producing quality stoner and hard rock with bands like Monster Truck and Black Mountain leading the charge and starting to knock at the door of rock mainstream acceptance.
WhiteNails are not yet in the same position as those two bands but if the Quebec five piece's debut release "First Trip" is anything to go by then it might not be to long before they are.

"First Trip" shows a band firing on all cylinders, a band hitting a groove deeper than the Mariana Trench and just as dangerous. Songs like "Damn Judas", "In My Blood" and "Silver Linings" are packed with lashings of warmly fizzed riffage, thunderous rhythm and clean strong vocals with occasional forays into the lysergic. On "Dead In Time" and "Brazen Bull" the band even get a few friends in to help out, the former sees fellow Canadian Gab Shonk swirling her rather impressive tones over and around main man Darcy's powerful vocal delivery and the latter employs Sandveiss guitarist/vocalist Luc Bourgeois throwing his hat into the ring both vocally and instrumentally.
WhiteNails have with "First Trip" traversed the gap between the heavy underground and the commercial mainstream, filling their first EP with enough grit and dirt to please the denizens of the stoner rock scene but doing so with a slightly more classic rock feel.
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