Thursday 27 October 2016


UK desert rock warriors Duskwood started their musical life as Maverick, the band from Yeovil, Somerset even released an EP "Cavete Ursus" under this banner (now being sold under the name Duskwood) to positive reviews. Now with a new name and a slightly harder edged sound the band are getting ready to release their first full length album "Desert Queen".

It seems along with the new name Duskwood have also found a new sound, where previous release "Cavete Ursus" had a slightly commercial stoner/hard rock vibe "Desert Queen" hits an altogether heavier groove. From the mighty fuzz dripping opener "Obelisk" through to the gnarly stoner rock gallop of closer "Stoner Cat (Coming To)" "Desert Queen" is an album full of little surprises and moments of jaw dropping brilliance. The band cite Kyuss and QOTSA among their influences and although there are elements of both those iconic bands to be heard within Duskwood's fuzzy desert grooves it is to the more classic and hard rock end of the stoner spectrum that their sound lies. Songs such as "Titan", "Chariot" and the bluesy metal "Hazy Eye" are loaded with a mix of  melody and might that although is very much of today has, at the very least, one foot firmly planted in the hard rock of the seventies.
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