Thursday 6 October 2016


Three years ago a hard rocking Swedish band with a rather fishy name grabbed the attention of the underground rock scenes record buying, digital downloading public with a five song self-titled EP of 70's retro feeling hard rock,the band's name was Haddock.

After their three year recording break Haddock return with another five song EP on Ozium Records going by the intriguing title "Captain Wolfe's Journey To The Center of The Sea" due for release October 25th.

Bursting at the seams with heavily fuzzed riffage and hard driving rhythmic bluster "Captain Wolfe's Journey To The Center Of The Sea" sees Haddock expanding on the promise shown on their first EP by putting a larger emphasis on songwriting and arrangement within a loose conceptual structure. Songs like opener " Captain Wolfe's Journey" and "Henry The Regicide" are more akin to lyrical vignettes' than songs, each telling a story around soundscapes of crunching power chords, big liquid bass lines and solid percussion coated in clean powerful vocals. "Dance Macabre pt.1", "Dance Macabre pt.2" and the track that sits between them "Reverend Reefer" take a more outside looking in perspective and are infused with elements of prog-ish complexity and doomy atmospherics yet remain firmly rooted in the bands core mixture of 70's hard rock and 80's stoner.
So there you have it.. an EP that ticks all the hard/stoner boxes and has that quintessential Swedish retro groove we have all come to love so much, you just could not ask for more.
Check it out .....

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