Thursday 17 March 2022


Desert Psychlist has been championing the Italian doom scene for some time now and especially those bands like Demonio, Black Spell and Wizard Master who, rightly or wrongly, are being dubbed as "Italian acid doom" or "scuzzy". The subject of today's review, Fat Greasy Beast, Lord Vepar (guitars/vocals); Lady Slovenly (bass/vocals); Lord Bradikardios (drums) and Lady Filthy (keyboards), may not be as "acidic" as those bands mentioned or as "scuzzy" but they are Italian and they do jam grooves of a doomic nature as you will discover when giving the Turin quartets debut release "Bloom of Doom" a spin.

Fat Greasy Beast bring a different flavour of doom to the table from that of many of their Italian contemporaries, our first thoughts on hearing opening track "Bloom of Doom" were not of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard or any of the other usual suspects but of British Goth rockers Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy as FGB's grooves share a similar feeling of brooding atmospherics and simmering malevolence in their sonic attack, something that becomes even more evident when you factor in guitarist/vocalist Lord Vepar's vocals which are closer to those of Bauhaus' Pete Murphy than they are of any of doom's more celebrated vocalists.  Throughout the album Vepar shares vocal duties with bassist Lady Slovenly her slightly sweet and ethereal tones the perfect counterbalance to Vepar's more clipped goth -like delivery, she also delivers some pretty impressive low growling bottom-end to the proceedings locking in tight with Lord Bradikardios' tight solid drumming and Lord Vepar's crunching guitar riffs to give each of the albums songs a strong sturdy rhythmic spine. For us at Desert Psychlist the real star of this album is the good Lady Filthy whose dark neo-classical keyboard flourishes and fills on songs like "Devilgod", "The Djinn" and "Pasu Dharma" ramp atmosphere levels up to a whole new level of good and make this album stand out that much prouder than it might have done without them.

This is Fat Greasy Beast's first release so expect a little naivety here and there but having said that this is a highly enjoyable debut packed to brimming over with dark atmospheric doom from a band with a ton of potential for the future.
Check 'em out ...... 

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