Sunday 2 December 2018

LORD VAPOUR ~ SEMUTA ....... review

Those hairy beardos, Lord Vapour, from the Island of Guernsey in the UK's Channel Isles blew many of us away with their debut "Mill Street Blues" in 2016, this year they return to once again bring mayhem to our ear canals with their latest bluesy, hard rocking offering "Semuta",

Big riffs, big vocals and big rhythms are the order of the day throughout "Semuta", a huge sounding tsunami of raucous groove that comes at you hard and fast and takes no quarter. The fact that three men, Christian Mariess (drums), Henry Fears (guitar) and Joe Le Long (bass & vocals), create a noise akin to a jumbo jet revving up in a cavern is not only astonishing its is also outright mind-blowing but Lord Vapour are not just a huge noise and few choice riffs, buried beneath all the beef and muscle you will find actual songs. From the swirling alternative swampy blues of first track "Burning Planet", with it's wah drenched guitar, bludgeoning bass lines, thundering percussion and strong clean, yet gritty, vocals through to the heavy psych grooves of instrumental closer "Nasubi" "Semuta" is an album that resonates with melody, musicality and swing and ensures that this is an album you, the listener, will be coming back to again and again.

Lord Vapour's "Semuta" is a raucous fuzz drenched romp brimming over with powerful rhythms and crunching riffage that is bound to please those already familiar with their grooves but also win over those coming to the band anew.
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