Saturday 4 June 2016


Desert Psychlist are pleased to announce the international release of a new split album from two of the finest bands from the Danish" underground" rock scene, stoner fuzzonauts  Hjortene and punk/hardcore stalwarts President Fetch on Walden Rekords

Hjortene,  recorded all five of their tracks live in one night, adding the vocals the following day, and this approach seems to have paid dividends for the band giving their side of the split an "in the moment" feel. The band perform four superb original tunes full of raw edgy heavily fuzzed riffage coated with clean but gritty vocals plus a gloriously stonerized cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon" that is so drenched in fuzz and gain it is barely recognisable.

President Fetch, i'm ashamed to admit are a band i'd only ever come across once before and that was only very briefly via a track on Hjortene's  self titled debut album. This is the bands eighth release and although being described as a punk/hardcore band President Fetch would not sound too out of place at a stoner/desert festival. On this split the band spit and thrash their way through six incendiary songs with a furiosity and urgency that defies belief yet manages to still maintain a sense of melody as well a groove.

The vinyl for this split has been released in a variety of different colours and can be purchased, as well as the digital format, on each bands respective Bandcamp pages.

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