Thursday 23 June 2016


Wizards: Red, Black, Green, Electric...the list goes on, one day I might sit down and attempt to listen to every band who has the word "wizard" in their name.... or maybe not  One wizard I am listening to right now though hail from Conneticut and go by the name of  Ditch Wizard.

Ditch Wizard are Tony Pereira- guitar, Wiott H. O'henning- guitar/vocals, Jake Punzalan- bass/vocals and Walter Salazar- drums, four guys who like to play it hard fast and fuzzy as can be heard on their debut EP " Incantation".

"Incantation" is not an EP that's going change anyone's world, jump to the top of anyone's best of year lists or cause anyone to pronounce it as the second coming of heavy rock/metal, but having said that this is still a damn fine EP. Ditch Wizard take a little of Black Sabbath's blues based 70's groove and blend it with a large dose of 90's stonerized doom metal giving them a sound not unlike that of North Dakota stoner cult band Egypt. This similarity comes across strongly on songs like the groove laden "Crystal Lake", the slow burning "Five and Dime" and the gritty and quite superb "Gypsy's Eyes", all three  are riff heavy monsters of differing intensity and tempo driven by thundering percussion and coated in gritty clean vocals and enhanced with scorching guitar solo's. The band are not afraid mix it up a little too, "Busted" jams a bluesy classic/hard rock groove while "Hive Mind" adds a touch of hiphop/rap style vocal delivery over a furiously funky stoner backdrop. The EP closes with "Merica" a power driven stoner metal workout that sees all four members pulling out all the stops and bringing to a close an EP that may not win prizes but will most definitely win fans.
Check it out.....

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