Friday 13 November 2015


One thing that we never, ever talk about in the "underground" rock scene is dancing!!!!! It's ok to vigorously  nod your head, form a circle and slam into your neighbours or leap up and down flicking the devil's horns but when it comes to busting a few shapes's a no no.
 Endless Taile disagree and have released their second EP "Telemetry" consisting of four songs that will not only have you tapping your feet but sliding and spinning on them too!

"Telemetry" begins with "In Everything" a barnstorming mix of stoner and psych married to a funky undercurrent that lyrically extols the joys of music and its part "in everything". Vocalist and bassist Dusty Tru wails above a backdrop of funky, yet rocking, rhythms and incendiary guitar solos, his voice powerful and soulful, his bass low and sassy.
"Don't Cha Wanna" swings by next with guitarist Jake McAteer laying down a deeply addictive guitar lick against some solid rhythm work from Tru and drummer Zach McAteer. Tru's voice again is superb here and is ably backed up vocally by the two brothers, the three voices coming together in perfect harmony between chorus and verse. Jake McAteer also lays down a sweet guitar solo before the songs conclusion that swaps flash and indulgent for tasteful and retrained with perfect note selection and a ton of feel.
"Sweet Marmalade" strays into Humble Pie territory with the trio hitting on a slightly bluesy soul groove that sees Tru doing his best Steve Marriott impersonation over an impossibly groovy backdrop. Zach McAteer keeps the song grounded with some incredible funky percussion and locks into a tight groove with Dusty Tru's  gnarly bass, allowing Jake McAteer free reign to riff, solo and add little touches of colour and texture to what is an already heady and wonderfully delicious mix.
"Lazer Face" closes "Telemetry" with a spacey romp that sees the vocals take on a more psych/shoegaze dynamic. The band here hit a groove that is more akin to Canada's Quest For Fire than the aforementioned Humble Pie and it is a groove that sees Tru and the McAteer brothers flexing their musical muscles slightly outside of the funky soul rock of the previous three tracks and instead going for a more straight stoner/psych approach. It does stand slightly apart from the rest of the EP but shows that these guys have more than one string to their bow and that whenever/if these guys get round to releasing a full album things could get very interesting indeed.

Check it out here... oh and pull the blinds/curtains, you wouldn't want to be caught DANCING!!!

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  1. ...thank you for your kind, creative words, FJ!'re definitely pickin' up what we're throwin' down, brother ...Salute ...Stay Loud ...Shine On