Monday 30 December 2019

KRÖWNN ~ BLÜEDEEP .... review

Having only released one EP and two full albums since their formation in 2012 it is pretty safe to say that Italy's Kröwnn cannot be called the most prolific of bands, however quantity doesn't always mean quality and Kröwnn's output, though sparse, has always been of the very highest calibre. The bands third release "Bluedeep" may have been a long time in the making (its been 5 years since the band released "Magmafrost") but the wait has been well worth the while. as hopefully you will soon discover for yourselves..

Michele el Lello Carnielli (vocals, guitar) Nicola el Borda Bordignon (guitar) Silvia Selvaggia Rossato (bass) and Elena Fiorenzano (drums) are Kröwnn and together they make a noise that, although initially inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Sleep and Electric Wizard, has evolved over time into something much, much  more. Kröwnn, unlike those bands mentioned, take their lyrical inspirations and themes not from war, weed and wizardry but from literature, video games, TV and film, the bands lyrics just as likely to reference George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones as they are Lovecraft or Wheatley. Musically Kröwnn jam grooves that are dark, atmospheric and heavy however when Desert Psychlist says "heavy" we don't mean a continuous onslaught of bludgeoning distortion and fuzz (although there is plenty of that to enjoy) what we mean is in the levels of intensity and density that the band bring to the altar table. Amidst the powerful clean vocals, huge rhythms and crunching refrains,that permeate every pore of songs such as "Drowning", Draquaariis" and "Shore Hag" can also be found underlying elements of subtlety and finesse, these elements, although not glaringly obvious, work as a counter-balance to all the intense heaviness Kröwnn bring to the fore and result in "Bluedeep"  being a much more rounded and richly rewarding listening experience, albeit still a very heavy and intense one. 

We may have had to wait five years for Kröwnn to finally deliver something new to our ears but Desert Psychlist would happily wait another five years if the bands next album is anywhere near as sonically mind blowing and jaw-droppingly magnificent as "Bluedeep" is.
Check it out …. 

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