Sunday 15 December 2019


It's been a while since Desert Psychlist has had the opportunity to wax lyrical about a Swedish underground rock band something that, given the countries recent history for producing top quality blues flecked rock music, is a little surprising. Thankfully Sundsvall quartet Tidal WaveAlexander Sundqvist (vocals); Jesper Sjödin (guitar); Adam Nordin (bass) and Rasmus Sundberg (drums), shatter any illusions that the Swedish invasion is beginning to wane with an album that worships not at the altar of Satan but at one built to honour the culinary delights of that apex of the bakers skill the "Blueberry Muffin". Let's dig in and take a bite.

"Temptationem 10:13" opens Tidal Wave's debut with a sermon, describing the powerful pull and religious significance of the humble "muffin", narrated in clipped cinematic tones over droning atmospheric effects before then suddenly exploding into a raucous, groove heavy ode to the aforementioned nibble with the aptly titled "Blueberry Muffin", a song packed to the gills with crunching power-chords, bluesy solo's, powerful rhythms and incredibly strong and exceptionally effective vocals. This is what Tidal Wave are all about, here is a band with no hidden agenda's other than to play good old balls to the wall 70's influenced hard rock with a modern present day twist, something they do exceptionally well. From the aforementioned title track to the superbly groovesome closer "Dalton's Saloon" , not a trick is missed or cliché not used in creating a truly authentic hard rock sound, the fact that they do this without sounding overtly "retro" is testament not only to their skills as musicians and songwriters but also to the wicked sense of humour that runs through many of the lyrics gracing the albums seven tracks. Electric fires twinned with a theme of burning sorceresses inform the excellent "Witches" while the loss of two pieces of vital anatomy and a reference to Dylan/Hendrix's "All Along The Watchtower" grace the atmospheric "Soul In Chains", and lets not forget that "Dalton's Saloon", a song based around a night spent in a drinking establishment, mentions karaoke and passing out drunk in its lyrical content, the bands playful tongue in cheek lyricism and their ear for a gnarly combining to give the songs on "Blueberry Muffin" a balance of fun and fury not often found in todays music scene.

Raucous, blues tinted heavy rock grooves infused with a generous helping of stoner fuzz and delivered with a devil may care attitude makes "Blueberry Muffin" not only an enjoyable listen but also one that promises much for future endeavors, all hail the Muffin!

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