Friday 20 September 2019


"Dig that groove", Get your groove on" are sentences we have all read somewhere or even said ourselves but what is "groove", well the dictionary definition for groove in music describes it as "a particular rhythm in popular or jazz music". but it is in truth  much more than that. Groove is that undefinable quality in music that moves you both physically and emotionally and that speaks to something deep inside of you, it may make you want to dance, it may make you want nod sagely in unison with its rhythms it may make you want throw your fists in the air and in some cases it even may make you want to do something a little more sexual. Groove is a many headed beast and French trio Moozoonsii have it in abundance, check out their self-tiled debut  EP "Moozoonsii" if you don't believe us..

Let's begin with a might want to adjust the volume on your favourite mode of listening when spinning "Moozoonsii" as this is one powerful EP, both in impact and in volume. Right warning over let's get down to the nitty gritty of why you should purchase, or at the very least give a listen to, this seven track instrumental noise fest. The first reason is the technical mastery of its participants, Basile Chiariello (Guitar), Raphaël S-drafo (bass) and Matthieu Bellemere (drums) are consummate musicians with an almost telepathic understanding of each others parts in the whole, Chiariello's guitar work, a mix of crunching chord progressions and complex convoluted solo's, is the first thing listeners will pick up on and it is his contributions that shapes the majority of the EP's seven songs, let's however not take nothing away from his band mates contributions as S-drafo and Bellemere's input is just as strong and just as vital to Moozoonsii's sound. When S-drafo is not shadowing Chiariello's complex and intricate guitar forays with his own just as complex bass work he is locking in with Bellemere's percussion, the drummer also playing his part by driving his colleagues on with a Herculean, must be heard to be believed, display of rhythmic power, From opener "Tarantula Hawk" to closing track "Earthquake" Moozoonsii give no quarter nor take any prisoners, like an unstoppable force of nature the band lay waste to all before them with the intensity of their musical attack, a musical tsunami of technical complexity and feral aggression blended together in perfect harmony

If your looking for moments of gentle reflection and calm passages of musical serenity then "Moozoonsii" is probably not going to be your first port of call however if you want to feel like your plummeting down from the highest point of a rollercoaster ride over and over again then this is the EP for you,
Check it out ….

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