Thursday 29 September 2016

HUDU AKIL ~ HUDU AKIL .... review

Remember back in the day when stoner rock still had an element of punk rock attitude about it, before all the flowery psych and post-rock gloominess starting creeping in, well Hudu Akil do and the Texarkana quartet, of Zac Crye (guitar, vocals), Marc Runion (drums), Trent Reed (bass) and Justin Parker (lead guitar), recall all those memories within the fuzzy grooves of their new self-titled release "Hudu Akil".

Elements of QOTSA's desert quirkiness are sprinkled throughout "Hudu Akil" but it is to the gnarly, four to the floor, fuzz'n'roll of California's Nebula and early Fu Manchu that Hudu Akil owe their biggest debt. Songs like "The Ride", "Medusa" and "The Wait" breeze in on waves of warmly fuzzed guitar riffage bolstered by solid drum and bass patterns injected with bluesy guitar solo's and jerky, distinctive, vocals. Lyrics concerning booze, beer, cars and women are the order of the day here and if Desert Psychlist had to pick a line that summed up Hudu Akil's approach to life it would be the immortal words "Electric guitar, 1000 watts, I crank it up as loud as the day is hot", words which although may not be profound or deep say everything you need to know in one sentence. The band do, however, know how to mix it up... jamming a gnarly instrumental groove sprinkled with abstract guitar tones on the slightly schizo and totally addictive "Circuza Muzika" and jamming a Kyuss meets Steppenwolf groove on the excellent road song "Highway Dreams".
All in all "Hudu Akil" is an EP that brings a little fun back into a stoner scene that can at times get a little po-faced and overly serious and manages to do so without becoming trite or a pastiche and so should be filed under: Highly Enjoyable.
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  1. Thanks for the kind words!!! You are truly awesome!!
    -Zac the Zombie