Friday, 9 September 2016


The electric guitar must be one of the most emotive instruments on the planet, who would believe that six wires of varying thickness stretched over two pieces of wood with minimal  electrical wiring and a couple of magnets could, when plugged into a wooden box containing a ridged cone of paper and a few more magnets, some coils and more wiring, create so many colours, textures and sounds. Ok you DO need a human with a level of musical skill to achieve those sounds, but still.....

Domadora are a band from Paris, France who possess, amongst their number, one such human in the shape of the bands guitarist (and vocalist) Belwill, Belwill is one human who knows his way around a fretboard and he likes to play his guitar loud, proud and relentlessly as can be witnessed on the bands second album "The Violent Mystical Sukuma"

"The Violent Mystical Sukuma" is a heavily guitar orientated album so if your not a fan of screaming guitar solos, fuzz drenched riffage and deftly picked arpeggios played with passion at ear drum shattering volumes then stop reading NOW! If on the other hand you dig the sonic journeys of bands like Earthless, Tia Carrera and their like then you have just arrived at the destination of your dreams.
.From the blistering and quite epic "Hypnosis", with it's  screaming sonic journeys around the cosmos, to the heavy blues drenched psych'n'roll of "Jack Tripping", Domadora take the listener on a series of sonic journeys filled with  Hendrixian grooves ("Indian Depression"), lysergic heavy rock ("Rocking Crash Hero"),  wah drenched stoner ("Solarium") and  schizophrenic acid grooviness  ("Girl With A Pearl Earring"), all played by musicians of an unbelievable high calibre of skill and talent. Belwill, with the help of Gui Omm's bone rattling bass skills and backing vocals and the differing drumming styles of  Alexis Assaleix (tracks 2/6) and Karim Bouazza (tracks 1 / 3 / 4 / 5 ), fills every space made available to him with incendiary six-string majesty managing somehow never to repeat himself or to wander into the realms of over self-indulgence as well as at the same time pulling off some pretty good vocals when called upon.
Like previously stated, if guitar heavy jams are not the stuff that makes your heart beat faster and the hairs on your back stand to attention then "The Violent Mystcal Sukuma" is not for you.. but if it is ... man your in for a treat.
Check it out.....

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