Tuesday 9 June 2020


Thurmont. Maryland's Faith In Jane are a band who have consistently delivered the goods, the trio have not put a foot wrong since their 2009 formation and have released one killer album after another yet for some reason or another they still seem to get overlooked. When reviewing the bands last album "Countryside" Desert Psychlist wrote " just maybe, this is the one that introduces them to a wider audience", that audience did increase but not to the degree that a band this good and this dynamic deserve. Maybe we got it wrong and it is the bands latest release "Mother To Earth" that will be the one to convert the unbelievers.

Those who are already devotees of Faith In Jane's sonic onslaught will be raising their arms to the heavens in thankful reverence as the first strains of opening track "The Circle" erupts into life, while those who have taken a rain check on the bands previous outing will be rending their clothes to rags and pulling out their hair in the realisation that they've missed out on some truly life affirming grooviness. Faith in Jane are the real deal, a band who can blend proto-metallic elements with those of  hard/stoner rock and still find room for a little Allman's-like bluesy swagger and melancholic soulfulness, a band who have grown both in confidence and stature as musicians. This confidence and increased musical prowess has allowed the band the opportunity to wander into musical territories they might not of thought they were capable of visiting in their formative years ,as the spaced out and heavily psyched instrumental "Weight of a Dream" and the authentic country blues of "Lonesome" demonstrates, but the band who mixed rock and reggae on their debut EP "Call of the Wolf" are a different band these days and are more than capable of taking off on unexpected tangents. Musically everyone brings their "A" game to the ballpark, Dan Mize's guitar solo's soar and scream, his chords and riffs crunch and crackle while his vocals are rich, powerful and have a grizzled soulful quality, Brendan Winston's bass thrums, growls and booms like a volcano threatening to erupt while Alex Llewellyn's drumming is a masterclass in solidness and fluidity, the three together creating a sound that is so far beyond good they haven't invented a word for it yet!

Do yourself a favour and buy, beg borrow or steal yourself a copy of "Mother To Earth", then share it with everyone you know, let's nip this this apathy, towards one of the scenes finest bands, in the bud. Let us all have a little Faith In Jane!
Check 'em out …..

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