Monday 22 June 2020

EYES FLY ~ EYES FLY .... review

Desert Psychlist , when reviewing Bristol, UK Eyes Fly's debut EP "The Long Return", wrote "the EP proves that intricacy and complexity can live quite comfortably hand in hand with brute force and power without the need to compromise to either". Well just over year after that statement was published the band have returned with a full album, "Eyes Fly" so lets find out if those words still hold water.

Things get rolling with first track "Supernova Building" it's thundering drum intro paving the way for a crescendo of fuzz drenched guitar and bass riffage overlaid with strong clean and melodic vocals, things are never one dimensional in Eyes Fly's world however and it is not long before riffs change direction, dynamics shift and vocals get gnarly and growled. This is Eyes Fly's modus operandi throughout their debut album, they are a band with an intriguing knack of allowing you to think they are taking you one place then suddenly taking off in a completely other direction and the fact that they do this with such seamless ease and without losing sight of where they want a particular groove to go is something that makes their latest release such an interesting and exciting ride. Of course to be able to do this over an albums length you need to have not only the songs but also the musical chops to pull off those seamless musical twists and turns and these guys have both in abundance. Songs with titles like "The Wanderer", "Hero Dies" and "Coerce, Control" are awash with lush melodies, prog-like complexities and intricacies but are just as likely to suddenly take a left turn into harshness and brutality, a glistening arpeggio turning into a crunching power chord in less time than it takes to blink, a gentle brushstroke making way for a thunderous triplet in a heartbeat and bass guitar chords that growl, boom and reverberate suddenly exchanged for liquid runs and lightly trodden walks, and that's without mentioning the diverse range of tones deployed by the bands very accomplished and talentedvocalist.

If you were one of those lucky few who, by accident or design, landed your ears on the bands debut EP "The Long Return" then you'll know to expect stunning musicianship and songs that combine prog metal intensity with stoner/hard rock swagger. If, however, you are coming to this band anew then just expect "Eyes Fly" to blow you away!

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