Sunday 1 March 2020


Delving into a countries music scene is a bit like poking a stick into a rivers bed and stirring up the silt, you start finding things you didn't expect to find. This was the case when Desert Psychlist recently spent a little time researching the Dutch underground rock scene for a review we were putting together for "Baardvader", an album by a Dutch band of the same name, the waters we disturbed revealing a quite unique sounding take on doom from a band, (who incidentally hail from the same neck of the woods as Baardvader), going by the name I Saw The Deep.
I Saw The Deep, Domenico San Giorgi (drums); Niels Budel (bass/vocals) and Darrell Laclé (vocals/guitars & theremin), jam grooves that are most definitely doomic in nature but that don't really fall under the umbrella of doom as we usually perceive the genre, to understand that last statement you really need to hear the bands latest EP "Vimana".

The lines "strange sounds in the air, tell me now, where do we stand? Don't you know what's coming next?" are lyrics from the EP's sci-fi themed title track "Vimana" but they could also just as well serve as a description of the EP's uncompromising and unorthodox approach to doom. I Saw The Deep are not a band who lay out their music like a map for listeners to follow this is a band who insert surprises and elements of the unexpected into their grooves in order to make their listeners journey not just an interesting one but also an exciting one. We have mentioned doom quite a bit up until this point but there are also elements lifted from other musical territories explored over the five cuts that make up "Vimana", a certain "grunginess" is evident throughout the EP as well as a fair share of post-rock texturing and it is this cross-pollination of genres and sub-genres that sets I Saw The Deep apart from the herd and makes "Vimana" such a rewarding listening experience.

If you are looking for something a little more cerebral and intellectual than your usual doomic low, slow and heavy fare then wrap your ears around "Vimana", it will change your mind about what you think doom is now and show you a snapshot of what it could be in the future.
Check it out ...

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