Saturday 13 April 2024


Have you ever listened to a bands earlier work and thought these guys have something good going on here but they are missing an ingredient? Usually in these cases you make a mental note to keep an eye on said band hoping they will find that ingredient and finally deliver the goods but in truth you usually tend to forget all about them when the next blow you away album from another artist/artists drops. This was the case with Switzerland's Lucifer Giant, we at the Psychlist had checked out their earlier released one off tracks and liked what we heard but were not quite sure if the band delivering those tracks were quite where they needed to be sonically yet and so put them to the back of our minds. Fast forward to today and while doing our daily search through Bandcamp's new releases we noticed that Lucifer Giant had released a brand new full length self-titled album, hopeful that they had found that missing ingredient we pushed play and were truly amazed, flabbergasted and blown away by what we heard.

Opening song "Lucifer" may fool you into thinking you are departing on a journey into post-rock territories with its intro of fizzy synthesised drones and military flavoured drumming but when those guitars join the fray you soon come to realise that what you are listening to is doom, not an atypical form of doom granted, but doom nevertheless, albeit doom salted with elements of heavy psych and prog. Another thing that quickly becomes evident is that Lucifer Giant know how to incorporate melody into their songs both musically and vocally, "Lucifer" and its bedfellows "Monument", "Acid Dreams", "Miles Deep Well", "Crimson Curtains" and "Ghost" are not songs built around riffs. although they do have them, these are cleverly structured songs with intelligent arrangements, songs that possess ascending/descending dynamics that combine to create the perfect backdrops for the lilting clean, slightly wearied, vocal melodies and harmonies that decorate them. 

Lucifer Giant, Simu Sigrist (guitar/vocals); Matt Flury (guitar/vocals); Remo (synth/backing vocals); Avi Moser (drums) and Ändu Feuz (bass), have with their self-titled new release delivered an absolute monster of an album, an album that fully delivers on the promise and potential shown on those earlier one off singular releases.
Check 'em out ... 

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