Monday 8 April 2024


That damn Chilean underground scene has its hooks embedded deep into us here at Desert Psychlist, it seems that every time we think the we have heard all the country has to offer up pops another outfit and drags us back into the countries clutches. The outfit pulling on those hooks today is a Punta Arenas trio going by the name Loud, and before you ask yes they are loud, they are also heavy, doomic and have a penchant for going off on unexpected tangents into cosmic climes, all of which makes their latest album "Super Heavy Doom" a very interesting and highly satisfying listening experience.

A good friend of Desert Psychlist recently described Loud as Chile's answer to Electric Wizard and it is easy to see why he came up with that analogy, like those doom/sludge legends Loud don't lightly dust their grooves with fuzz and distortion they lay it on thick with a trowel, something that must give their studio engineers nightmares as they see all their needles going into the red. The band, Sebastián Bazán (guitar/vox/synth); Gustavo Beytía (bass) and Edgar Acosta (drums/chorus.vox/synth), are not overly concerned with the clarity of their vocals either opting for partly buried in the mix clean tuneful shouting rather than actual singing. Now we can understand if, given our description, you are starting to think that this all sounds like a bit of a mess and in certain regards it is but it is a gloriously delightful mess loosely held together by elements of dissonance and disharmony. As for songs, well Loud have them and even give them titles like "El Huasa", "Black Drug", "Necro-addict, sataná" and "Dementia Doom" but in truth these are not so much songs as huge slabs of delicously dank dark riffage and thunderous rhythms that are occasionally interrupted by moments of lysergic languidity and synth generated spaciousness., it may not sound like it written down but this magical stuff!

Fuzzy, scuzzy, heavy and laced with enough acidity to show up on a litmus test Loud's "Super Heavy Doom" is a must have for those with a love of raw uncompromising doom metal.
Check it out .... 

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