Wednesday 4 January 2023

RED SPEKTOR ~ 3 ...... review

Stoke-on-Trent's Red Spektor declare themselves as a "stoner/hard rock power trio with an old-school groove" and never have so few words so perfectly summed up a bands sound. In fact Desert Psychlist could easily leave it at that, safe in the knowledge that just that one sentence alone will grab a good percentage of our readers attention and see them checking out the bands music. However, that is not how we do things at the Psychlist and the bands latest, and third, album "3" deserves a more in-depth analysis and we are more than pleased to do just that.

"Dust" opens up proceedings and is a song that perfectly encapsulates Red Spektor's "old school stoner" ethos, its crunchy heavily fuzzed guitar refrains recall a time when all the best music was played, on make shift stages situated in deserts by bands whose backline was wired up to old, not quite fit for purpose, generators. It is a sound that is familiar yet at the same time fresh and of its time, a sound that although obviously influenced by the 90's desert scene also draws from the full gamut of rock history. Vocals for this song, and for that matter all the albums songs, are delivered in a warm, quietly powerful, husky drawl that gives them a vibe more in keeping with America's western regions than England's midland territories and adds a real gritty authenticity to the bands songs. Given the bands influences there is obviously a certain level of raucousness to be found in Red Spektor's grooves but they blend this aggressiveness with elements of soulful bluesiness and hard/classic rock swagger, elements that come galloping to the fore on songs like "Absolution" ,"Apple Tree" and the excellent "Progressive Toke" but are in truth evident, to differing levels, throughout every song on this gem of an album. 

Red Spektor's "3" is a kick ass album highly recommended for those who prefer their desert rock to be infused with elements of 70's classic, hard and blues rock rather than the punk rock that could be found at the root of the original Palm Desert scene. As the Stoke-0n-Trent born Lemmy once said "There's two kinds of music — music you like and music you don't like.", hopefully "3", for most of you, will fall into the former category.
Check it out .... 

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