Sunday 29 May 2022

REDWHORE ~ REDWHORE ...... review


After recently singing the praises of the burgeoning Spanish scene Desert Psychlist once again find itself back in the Mediterranean reporting on the release from yet another Spanish outfit. The band in question this time are a five piece combo from Madrid going by the name RedWhore, a band who jam a groove that is rooted in hard rock and the blues but is not shy to spread its branches into other areas. The band, Leny (vocals); Óscar (guitar/vocals); Carlos (guitar); Javi (drums) and Abel (bass), describe what they do as RedWhore as something they manage to fit in around their real lives, which kind of makes the band sound like a hobby, but if it works for them (as it obviously does) and they continue churning out albums of the quality shown on their self-titled debut "RedWhore" then who are we to grumble.

Looking at the artwork accompanying RedWhore's debut album, which resembles something you might find on a special occasions chocolate box, and then looking at the rather clean cut images of the band on their social media you might mistakenly come to the conclusion that what you are about to hear is some sort of sanitised version of rock of the type usually performed for suited patrons at office parties and weddings, but how wrong you would be. RedWhore might look like a bunch of corporate business workers who like to let off steam by playing gigs at the weekend but the truth is these guys are the real deal and boy can they play!
 First song "Desert Pool" stands testament to that last sentence by coming out of the blocks like a racing greyhound on steroids, driven by a boogie style blues groove the song is mix of "old" and "new" school hard rock tinted with just the right amount of fuzziness and swagger to appeal to pupils of both. RedWhore are of course not unique in blending their stoner with their blues and their classic rock, there are a million and one bands out there ploughing a similar musical furrow, but RedWhore have something those bands don't have and that something is Leny. Leny may be diminutive of stature but she is not diminutive of voice the singer possess a vocal spectrum that can range from a low gutteral growl to a high Geddy Lee style wail and everything in between. Ably supported by Óscar and Carlos' crunching guitar riffs and swirling blues drenched solos, Abel's booming bouncing bass lines and Javi's busy tight drumming Leny roars, growls, croons and screams her way around songs like title track "RedWhore" the metallic and progressive "East Winds" and the superb "The Red Night" with a verve, gusto and confidence that is usually the reserve of much more established vocalists, in short she is a virtual powerhouse of  bluesy soufulness.
The band close out their debut with "We All Fall" a metallic torch-like tune that sees Leny trading off vocal lines with Óscar (also an impressive vocalist), it is a song that sails a little close to Evanescence territory at times but is thankfully saved from that fate by the sheer force of its musical attack and the gritty beauty of its dual vocals.

"RedWhore" is a debut album that seemingly came out of nowhere and has since proceeded to the blow minds of everyone who has so far heard it, lets pray to the Gods of Groove that fitting in their lives as a working band around their lives in the "real world" will not impinge on them making more music of this power, drive and sheer enjoyability.
Check it out..... 

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