Sunday 24 April 2022

COMA HOLE ~ COMA HOLE ....... review

By now we have come quite accustomed to the rock duo, the emergence of bands like The White Stripes and The Black Keys caused many to step to back in amazement slightly bewildered by the fact that just two people could make so much noise, but these days duo's have become common place both within the mainstream and the underground. Having said that their is nothing common place about the sound Rhode Island's Coma Hole create with just a voice, a bass guitar and a set of drums, in fact it's something quite special!

"Go big or go home" is an exhortation to go all-out, to show your intent from the beginning, to present the best of yourself from the out-set and Coma Hole open their self-titled debut EP by going HUMONGOUS!. Opening track ,"The Familiar", is an eleven minute plus statement of intent that'll leave you breathless and wondering what has just hit you. its atmospheric droning intro, accompanied by shimmering percussion, builds expectation then delivers on that expectation with a groove that'll blow you not just out of your seat but your house, your street and your country. Eryka Fir's bass tone is one of the wonders of the world a powerful deep resonating, almost tangible, sound that reaches down in to the core of its listener and touches something there that no other sounds will have managed to reach before, a sound she backs up with a vocal that is clean powerful and melodic with just a hint of pleasing grittiness in its upper register. Not to be outdone drummer Steve Anderson does not just lay down a beat he lays down a virtual barrage, his drumming has a Bonham-esque quality throughout this stunning EP and is an integral component in the duo's overall sonic impact. You will not find a track on "Coma Hole" that you will not like, the aforementioned "The Familiar", the galloping and strident "Old Climb", the torch-like "Wind and Bone" and the epic "Sinking", with its proto-doom/heavy psych sign off, are all essential listening worthy of gracing any discerning rock fans music collection.

It is hard to believe, while listening to "Coma Hole", that the sounds you are hearing are being created by just two people, such is the power and force of the music on offer, but a quick scan of the duo's Bandcamp page will confirm this fact and further prove that to make a BIG sound you do not always have to be a BIG band.
Check 'em out ....

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