Friday 11 January 2019


Poland's Weird Tales tell a strange story of madness, demolition and acid trips concerning their formation, whether this is all true or a figment of their over zealous imaginations is something Desert Psychlist has no clue about, what we can tell you however is that after releasing two killer EP's in the shape of  "Weird Tales" and "Shiny Void" the band return with their first full length album "Hell Services Cost A Lot" and its well worth investigation.

Droning feedback and barking dogs introduce "Madness", the first of the seven songs that go to make up "Hell Services Cost A Lot", and then everything explodes at once and the listener is thrown headlong into maelstrom of low tuned riffage, insanely complex rhythms and a mix of manic and ethereal vocal tones . Weird Tales are not your archetypical doom band there is a strange quirkiness to what they do that is a little left of centre to what you might expect from a band working in this genre, there is something just not quite right about the grooves they execute yet it is this air of unpredictability and discordant dynamism that drags you in and firmly grips your attention.  Songs with titles like "Crawling Pain", LIE" and "Bitchcrusher" come at you from angles you may not be expecting, messing with your head as they twist and turn and fly off on unexpected tangents, the band recreating the sound of Hell far more convincingly than even the most extreme Satan worshipping death/black metal band could ever hope to do.

Dark, discordant and dense grooves of dank doom played with real conviction make "Hell Services Cost A Lot" one of the most disturbing yet compelling releases of this year and Weird Tales one of the most exciting and original bands to come out of Poland.
Check 'em out ….

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