Sunday 13 January 2019

FROZEN PLANET.... 1969 ~ THE MYSTERY WHEEL ..... review

Having, due to an unbelievable workload, missed out on being able to write a review of Frozen Planet...1969's previous release "The Heavy Medicinal Grand Exposition" (an album you really should make a point of checking out) Desert Psychlist hopes we can make amends by pointing you, the readers, in the direction of their latest release "The Mystery Wheel"(Pepper Shaker Records) a one track opus that was originally recorded for their 2017 album "Electric Smokehouse" but for one reason or another never quite made the cut.

Listening to "The Mystery Wheel" might raise the question of why on earth Frozen Planet ….1969 have taken so long to release this in the first place, obviously it's huge twenty five minute plus duration was a key factor in it not making "Electric Smokehouse" but two years seems a long time to sit on something as mind blowingly excellent as "The Mystery Wheel". OK listening to nearly a half hour of instrumental groove is a big ask in these days when people want immediate gratification or they move on to something else but sometimes it is worth taking the time to immerse yourselves in an album so as to fully appreciate its little subtle nuances and layers and "The Mystery Wheel" is one of these. Floydian textures, bluesy Hendrix pyrotechnics and lysergic jazzy chops float, scream and dance from guitarist Paul Attard's strings underpinned by Frank Attard's diverse array of percussive chops and bassist Lachlan Pain's mix of growling and liquid bottom end, the three musicians taking the music in a myriad of exciting and interesting directions that range from the cosmic and ambient to the rocking and heavy while calling at all stops in-between.

Instrumental grooves with lysergic leanings are nothing new for those who roam the backwaters of rocks underground looking for new music but there is something fresh and vital about what Frozen Planet ….1969 bring to the heavy psych table that is a little bit special and deserves to be heard by a much wider audience.
Check 'em out ……

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