Sunday 29 July 2018


Jerky Dirt are a band from Nottingham, UK and have just released their debut album "The Tale of Timpson Squire",other than that Desert Psychlist has no other information to impart to you dear reader except to tell you that this a band with an album that, in our opinion, needs to be investigated.

"Quirky" is word often associated with Queens of the Stone Age, and other Josh Homme side projects, mainly due to their use of off kilter rhythms and diverse themes and motifs, quirky in Jerky Dirt's case however is a whole different ball game. There is a certain Englishness to what these Nottingham psychonauts do that although has a similar desert footing to Homme's work also has touch of the whimsical and the eccentric to its sonic attack, a sound that has more in common with UK psych/folk proggers Wolf People than it has with QOTSA. Jerky Dirt combine early Floydian psych with its modern underground stonerized equivalent then salt the resulting mix with elements of lysergic folk and experimental pop tinted shoegaze to create a sound that has a totally unique and highly enjoyable groove. Songs like "New Wave", "Magic Roundabout" and "Kill The Idols" pop and fizz with distortion and fuzz and are overlaid with cool clean, clipped and very English sounding harmonies and lead vocals but it is the way the band offset their more stonier endeavours with those of a more organic earthier feel that really impresses. to quote the lyrics from "Eternal Youth" these guys really "kick that old guitar into overdrive"
Check it out ….

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  1. Album of the year right here. You've never tasted such delicious quirky cake. Fantastic grooves, fully baked, a damn fine dessert. Don't hesitate, you're missing out.