Tuesday 23 May 2017


USA President Donald Trump wanted to build a wall between the USA and Mexico, some say it was to stop the influx of drugs and illegal workers entering the country, but Desert Psychlist suggests it may well have been to stop Mexico's The Wicked Ones from corrupting the minds and ears of North America's youth with their ultra-cool retro grooves
The Wicked Ones hail from Mexico City and jam a groove that although owing a big debt to the hard rock and proto-metal of  the seventies is very much born of the stoner/psych/doom of today as can be heard on their self-titled EP "The Wicked Ones"

First track "Rising Sun" begins proto-doom style, a Sabbath-esque riff, pushed by deep thrumming bass and heavy pounding percussion, rents the very air asunder heralding the arrival of strong distinctive vocals that sit somewhere between heavy metal powerhouse and classic rock soulful, balancing the two tones on a song that encapsulates both the heavy and at its conclusion, the gentle.
"From Lust Till Dawn" finds The Wicked Ones diving headlong into proto-metal waters, utilising bluesy guitar solo's, torch-like vocals enveloped in a groove that would not have sounded out of place on a best of the 70's compilation.
"Somebody To Love" follows and these Mexican stonernauts do a great job of covering Jefferson Airplane's iconic opus while at the same time adding a little spin and flourish of their own here and there.
"Hypnotised" opens with prog flavoured vocals sang over gently sweeping arpeggios slowly building in intensity and atmosphere before exploding into the gnarly heavy rock groove that takes it to its close.
"Morning Star" announces its arrival with a brief bass flourish then erupts into a hard/classic rock refrain enhanced by powerful soaring vocals, fuzz drenched guitar solo's and a groove that could make the dead dance.

This is not cutting edge or boundary pushing music, it's not going to change the world or make you politically aware, what it will do though, as the last note fades into the ether, is leave you with a big shit eating grin on your face.
Check it out .....

© 2017 Frazer Jones

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