Saturday 27 May 2017

STEAK ~ NO GOD TO SAVE ... review

Kip (vocals), Cam (bass), Reece (guitar) and Sammy (drums) are Steak, a London,UK based quartet who, since their formation in 2010, have been steadily earning themselves a reputation both as well respected recording artists and as a kick-ass live band. The band, whose previous albums "Disastronaut" (2012), "Corned Beef Colossus" (2013) and "Slab City" (2015) were eagerly lapped up by both fans and critics, have recently signed with Ripple Music and have just released their fourth album "No God To Save"

Steak play rock, whether you wish to call it stoner rock or hard rock makes no difference these Londoners know how to lay down a gritty groove or ten. "No God To Save" is an album that grabs you from song one and won't let go until song ten fades into silence, the band hitting you hard with riffs, licks and rhythms that enter your body through every orifice and pore available to them causing involuntary head nodding, horn throwing and general body slamming, grooves so raucous and downright delicious they should carry a government health warning. Strong powerful vocals dripping with soulful grittiness are roared, crooned and growled over a variety of heavily fuzzed guitar riffs and motifs supported by deep thrumming bass lines and pulverising percussion all complimented by a superb clear production. It would be hard to single out particular tracks for attention as each and every one of the ten tracks that make up "No God To Save" are equally as strong as the next but if the push came to the shove then Desert Psychlist would have to opt for "Coke Dick" with its powerful percussion and its duelling vocal melodies or maybe "Mountain" with its insistent dusty desert guitar refrain  but that's just DP's opinion and the listener will surely find his/her own favourites in time. Whatever those personal favourites turn out to be it can certainly be said that this album is definitely all killer, no filler.
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