Sunday 26 February 2017


Missed by Desert Psychlist on its release "Inception"(Third I Rex) from Spanish trio Oddhums is an album that is both intriguing and unsettling, intriguing because its hard to believe the enormous amount of gritty groove Freg (guitar); Keke (drums) and Will (bass & vocals) manage to create within the confines of their trio format and unsettling because its so damn hard to pin a tag on these guys due to broad range of genres Oddhums dip their toes into over the breadth of just four songs. Throughout "Inception" elements of ambient psych and post-rock texturing mix quite amicably with those of growling, fuzz heavy sludge and dark atmospheric doom with Keke's underlying rhythms shifting from a shimmering whisper to a pounding whirlwind of percussion in the blink of an eye. Add into this equation Freg's massive sounding guitar tones,Will's spine crumbling bass and mix of bellowed sludgey roars and clean mellow vocals and you arrive at a sound that combined with the excellent production is so much more than the sum of its parts.
Check it out ....

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