Sunday 31 May 2015

Bôse ~ Polish Psychonauts ......An Introduction To....

Bôse are a four piece Polish band who specialise in improvised music, this band are all about “the moment”. The theory is… turn on the mic’s and record exactly what goes down as it goes down.

Bôse started their existence In 2014 in Opole, Poland, getting together with the idea of creating a sound that had a formal basic structure but also had a freedom to go where it needed to go when it needed to go there. Using elements of desert, space, stoner and psych as their root Bôse take you  on journeys through psychedelic landscapes via a series of ep’s (30 to date) full of stunning musicianship and ever changing moods and colours

Trying to get any information on this band is a nightmare, their FB page  is very vague about who they are or who plays what and videos are nearly non-existent but I guess that adds to the whole mystique of a band who clearly do not play by the rules.

to see their whole discography to date go to

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