Saturday 30 May 2015

Bathsheba ~ Belgium's Secret Weapon release "The Sleepless Gods" EP

Bathsheba are one of those bands that once you've heard them you'll never forget them.
Formed in the Genk, Limburg district of Belgium and made up of  members of Sardonis, Death Penalty and Disinterred, Bathsheba play doom but a style of doom that takes all the sub-genres of that music and puts them in one glorious place.
Let's talk about riffs.... These guys have riffs that could bring down tall buildings, these guys have riffs that will register on the Richter scale, these guys have riffs that will cause your spine to crumble and your ears to bleed. Yes these riffs are brutal! Here's the clever bit though..... They counterbalance this brutality with the oh so beautiful occult-ish vocals of one Michelle Nocon her voice a perfect foil to the sonic maelstrom going on over, around and through her.

There are only two tracks to this EP but both come in around the 9 minutes mark and both are essential listening for fans of the doom genre.

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