Wednesday, 1 June 2016


What do you get from a band who cite their influences as the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Rush as well as Cathedral, St. Vitus and  Black Sabbath? Well, in the case of Australian trio Looking Glass and their new release "Volume 4", what you get is a kick-ass album full of progressive metal complexity cut with a large swathes of sludgey grit and feisty stoner attitude.

Looking Glass, Clinton Paine - drums, Lachlan Paine - bass/keys and Marcus De Pasquale - guitar/vox, are obviously not concerned with jumping aboard bandwagons, the simple fact that they mention John McLaughlin's jazz fusioneers Mahavishnu Orchestra as an influence shows that these guys are serious musicians and not trend chasers, this band are all about "the music".
"Volume 4" contains twelve tracks of stunning, and at times breathtaking progressive metal intensity played by three musicians who are very much at the top of their game C.Paine drives the groove, filling every space and gap with his muscular intense drumming, pushing his musical companions on from below with powerful rhythmic pulses. Attempting to match this whirlwind of sticks and skins L.Paine and De Pasquale throw everything but the kitchen sink into mix. When not holding down the bottom end with his fluid boneshaking bass L.Paine is also responsible for supplying  the albums array of keyboard flourishes and colouring, playing  a sort of John Paul Jones to De Pasquale's Jimmy Page. De Pasquale in turn delivers a masterclass in how to mix intense complex guitar technique with emotion and feel without falling into the trap of mindless shredding, his guitar combining with L.Paine's bass/keys to deliver heavy fuzz drenched riffage one minute then laying down finger twisting elaborate solo's, licks and arpeggios the next., he also delivers some pretty fine vocals These three musicians combined create a groove that although leaning towards the more "progressive" end of the rock spectrum still  has it feet firmly entrenched in the bluster and swagger of heavy rock, and it is a groove you should check out if you like your "heavy" a little cerebral as well as a whole lotta  kick-ass!

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