Monday, 27 June 2016


Norway is probably better known for its black and death metal than it is for gnarly stoner blues but that may all change with the arrival of four guys from Oslo who channel the spirit of the American Delta through a wall of fuzz and distortion and go by the name of Deadeye Navigator.
Blues based but with a penchant for adding a little funkiness to their groove, Deadeye Navigator bridge a gap between the classic/hard rock of yesterday and the gritty stoner/psych of today, taking the drive and attitude of the latter and blending it with the song craft and musicality of the former as can be heard on the bands debut "The Great Binge EP" available at Bandcamp.
"The Great Binge EP" is a superb debut that sees a band hitting a groove that will have many making comparisons with Maryland alt. stoners Clutch. Those comparisons are never more evident than on songs like title track "The Great Binge " and final song "Show Me The Money" both of which share a little of the same funky staccato attack and pulpit preacher vocal stylings that Neil Fallon and co built a career around, Deadeye Navigator are not a Clutch clone though and songs like "Oh My Heavy Mood", "Fat Boris" and "Something's Wrong" are a little more in the arena of stoner blues,  having more in common with New York's Geezer than the aforementioned "earth rockers". Although obviously influenced by the two bands mentioned Deadeye Navigator nonetheless stamp their own identities throughout the five songs that make up this excellent EP and show a band that could , if all goes well, have a bright future.
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Note from band:

Just prior to recording, our... singer quit (for personal reasons). So, if you are a singer, and you sound like Neil Fallon, Robert Plant, or just have a decent singing voice and like the kind of music we are making, you are welcome to try out as our new frontman. Contact us at!                           

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