Monday, 12 October 2015


Judging by their photos Humulus look like the type of guys you'd expect to see wading ashore from a Viking warcraft ,axes at the ready and bloodlust in their eyes. The fact that these guys come from Italy and not Scandanavia is irrelevant... these guys look mean!

Those of you who wrapped your ears around the bands 2012 self titled album with its chainsaw riffage, throaty sludge vocals and stoner rock rhythms may be in for a bit of a shock when confronted by the bands latest  three track EP "Electric Walrus"

First shock comes when you discover that opening track "Red Star, Winter Orbit" has about as much to do with heavy sludge as Lemmy has to do with sobriety. Instrumental, atmospheric and quite beautiful the song shifts its dynamics between passages of Colour Haze type experimental psych and traditional 80's stoner fuzz with the emphasis heavily on the psych. The fuzz does feature fleetingly but only as a tool to lead you into the next passage of textured ambient psychedelic beauty. Mesmerising and addictive it's a sonic journey that'll have you reaching for the repeat button again and again.
Next track "Maud and the The Black Moon" sees the band move into grunge/alt territory with vocalist and guitarist Andrea Van Cleef  crooning Mark Lanagen -like over a laid back Americana groove. his voice smokey and weary adding a gritty gravitas to the songs lyrical content. A perfect song to unwind to with a glass of your favourite tipple and the lights dimmed low.
"Glider" closes the EP with the band jamming on a dusty desert groove with Giorgio Bonacorsi (bass) and Massimiliano Boventi (drums) laying down a solid foundation for Van Cleef to coat with his warm clean voice and tasteful guitar tones. Short, sharp and about as close to the bands original sound as your gonna get on this EP it finishes "Electric Walrus" with a nice fusion of the old and the new.
"Electric Walrus" is a real departure in direction for the band and may alienate some fans of their previous work but on the other hand may herald the start of a whole new fan base. See for yourselves....

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