Thursday 20 June 2024


Everyone's favourite Peruvian combo El Jefazo have been melting our faces with their instrumental grooves from as far back as 2014, admittedly the bands early releases, "Ensayo" and "El Jefazo" were a bit raw and a touch underproduced but you could hear the potential these guys had despite those short fallings. Then along came "Simbiosis" a far better produced album that showcased a mix of remixed/remastered songs from the previous albums plus a couple of new tunes, at last you could really hear these guys fly. After releasing a couple of one off tracks the band then put out "Tormenta Mental" a live album that showed that what these guys could now do in the studio they could also transfer to a stage environment. What we really wanted though was for these guys to hunker down and come up with a new album of fresh material.. and what we wanted they have delivered with "Colisi​ó​n Brutal", it's face melting time again folks!

"Colisi​ó​n Brutal" opens with "Metal y Melancolía" a seat belts on hard rocking jam that when its not pinning you to the wall with its scorching guitar work, whooshing synth textures and its full on and thunderous rhythms unashamedly utilizes elements of Deep Purple's "Black Night" in its main riff. "Zarpazo" is up next, a galloping behemoth driven hard by drummer Adrián Hinojosa and bassist Carlos French and decorated in broad and colourful guitar work courtesy of Bruno Sánchez. Title track "Colisi​ó​n Brutal" begins with various synth generated whoops and whistles underscored by furious drumming over which a quirky off centred guitar motif holds sway, however things take an unexpected turn at the halfway mark when French's grainy bass line signals a shift into a passage of psychedelic doom followed by a period of lysergic weirdness. "Perro Seco" is up next its doomic groove boasting an almost prancing gait into which Sánchez inserts deeply off kilter guitar textures and colours, well that is until we once again reach that magical halfway mark and things take on a more swaggering and bluesy hard rock dynamic. "Delta Acuárida" boasts a more four to the floor feel than its predecessors but much like those predecessors is not averse to going off-piste in places, especially in its Floydian flavoured middle section. Final track "El Veneno es la Cura" begins life tranquil and calm with gentle acoustic guitar trading off against its electric counterpart over lightly brushed and shimmering percussion, as the song progresses so does its dynamics with things getting slightly heavier but not dramatically so, in fact half the beauty of this song is in the anticipation of a heaviness that never quite arrives. 

Not everyone finds instrumental rock music to their liking but for those that do "Colisi​ó​n Brutal", with its scorching guitar work and off the beaten path rhythms, is a bona-fide box ticker that'll leave you drooling like a dog that's just found a bone.
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