Monday 11 March 2024


Those of us who spend most of out time listening to music at the more underground end of the rock spectrum will no doubt agree that listening to the sound of crunchy guitar tones, run through fuzz/distortion pedals and exploding out of an overdriven amp, is, bar making the two backed beast or watching your favourite sports team lift a trophy, one of the best experiences you can have in this world. With that in mind we today bring you an album that will satisfy that need for fuzz and distortion but will at the same time assuage any penchants you may have for groove. The album in question goes by the title "Hallucinogenic" and the band delivering those desired elements are a Chilean trio called Sigmantra.

As is fitting it is the title track "Hallucinogenic" that kicks proceedings off, its scuzzy guitar intro and screaming feedback initially heralds in a slow low and thundering doom groove but then suddenly morphs into a crunching stoner romp weighted down in thick fuzz over which the vocals are delivered in clean angsty tones, the song finally finishing its account in a thrash like crescendo. The quasi-instrumental "Tyrell Bastard Son" follows and utilises the famous "tears in rain" quote from Ridley Scott's  1982 "Blade Runner" movie as its intro before exploding into a low bass heavy refrain driven by pummelling percussion, the songs in your face dynamic only briefly interrupted by a deliciously spacious passage of dark languidity. Third track "Swamp" is anything but "swampy" in fact if you took away the chainsaw tones of the bass and  the guitar this could easily be considered desert rock, especially given its bluesy lead work, tight four to the floor drumming and its just short of lilting vocal melody. For last track "Class B Movie" Sigmantra throw everything into the pot including galloping Sabbathian riffs, Thin Lizzy flavoured guitar motifs, low slow stoner doom dynamics and gothic toned vocals, all of these various elements drenched in so much fuzz and distortion your speakers will be screaming out for mercy.

Sigmanta's "Hallucinogenic" hits with the force of a hurricane, its songs are scuzzy, heavy and punchy but are not bereft of things like colour texture and melody, this despite being drenched in enough fuzz to drown a small country.
Check 'em out ....  

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