Wednesday 24 January 2024

CHEDDAR ~ PSYCHE ... review

Cheddar are a Spanish outfit hailing from Burgos consisting of Clara Dorronsoro (vocals);Daniel Bitrián (guitars); Pablo Cabornero (guitars); Miguel Alonso (bass) and Javier Macho (drums). Now unless you have some personal connection to the band or have seen them play live in their homeland there is no reason why you would recognise any of those names or even have heard of the bands name but that might change when you have gotten a load of their astounding debut "PSYCHE", an astounding mix of crunching prog-like riffage and heady lysergic languidity tinted with elements of occult rock and fronted by soaring vocals that are an enticing mix of power and fragility. 

The sound of chirping birds accompanied by high pitched drones, keyboards and sampled narrative make up intro piece "PSYCHE" which is then followed by "CHRYSALIS I" a stunning mix of arpeggiated noodling and electric guitar crunch framed by rhythms that alternate between languid and loose and heavy and tight over which Dorronsoro layers a sublime vocal that ranges from a seductive whisper to a banshee-like howl, man can this lady SING! Next up we get "CHRYSALIS II" a song that like its sister piece showcases Cheddar's ability to go from heavy to lysergic in a heartbeat. Bitrián and Cabornero's guitars play off and around each other on the songs quieter moments but come together in perfect unison on the songs heavier sections but what really impresses here is Alonso and Macho's almost telepathic understanding of each others parts in the whole, the pair driving the groove hard where it is needed and laying it down loose lysergic and jazzy when and where that dynamic is called for, all four musicians creating the perfect platform for Dorronsoro to launch her incredible vocals from. Cheddar allow the listeners a moment to catch their breaths with the achingly beautiful "LE MORT" then rips that breath away with the quiet /loud/quiet dual attack of "IMAGO I" and its sister piece "IMAGO II", the latter just shading it over the former thanks to Dorronsoro's slightly more emotional vocal. "LIMERENCE" begins life fey and ethereal, with Dorronsoro waxing lyrical about being addicted and disconnected in lush creamy tones, but then takes a turn for the heavy in its last quarter with Alonso and Macho laying down a barrage of groove for Bitrián and Cabornero to decorate with thrumming refrains, tonally opposed motifs and soaring solos. Last but not least comes "LUA" a song that sits sonically somewhere between a less sludgy Rosy Finch and a slightly more heavy Evanescence, which given how good this tune is seems a not too bad place to be sitting.

Elements of prog, alt-rock, occult rock and even hints of symphonic metal can be found nestled among the eight songs that make up "PSYCHE" so placing what Cheddar do in a neatly labelled box is nigh on impossible. Lets just say, other than this is essential listening, is that what Cheddar bring to the table with their debut release is just good intelligent rock music with a penchant for crossing over into many territories and just leave it at that.
Check it out ....

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words Frazer! We weren't expecting such a good reception and kind words! Keep up the good work!
    Dann from CHEDDAR

  2. Buena música, con una voz genial!!!!