Monday 11 September 2023

FUZZ EVIL ~ NEW BLOOD .... review

Hit 'em hard and hit 'em fast is a format that works, yes it is nice sometimes to get lost in long meandering songs that go off on tangents into uncharted waters but in truth nothing smacks harder than a song that comes in and gets out in under six minute while still managing to say everything it needs to. This is what Arizona's Fuzz Evil do, they have the chops to go down the long form song route if they so chose but prefer instead to keep things compact and vital. The band's latest release "New Blood" contains thirteen such songs, each one a mini desert rock/garage/stoner/ punk masterpiece.

Fuzz Evil's sound is one born from a love of the late 60's garage rock bands like The Stooges and  MC5, and the party in the desert grooves of Kyuss, Fu Manchu and bands of that ilk. It is a raucous sound but not exactly a raw sound, amidst its fuzz fuelled refrains and driving rhythms can also be found elements of finesse and polish, elements which take things to a whole other level of enjoyable. As we said previously "New Blood" contains thirteen songs so we are not going to attempt a track by track analysis instead we will attempt to point you towards what we consider are a few of the albums highlights and try to explain why we feel this album deserves to be on your list of essential listens for 2023. The first of those highlights has to be opening number "Suit Coffin" a stompin' old school desert rock romp spliced with a large dose of punkish aggression. "Run Away" is next on our list of special mentions, the song boasting a level of fuzzy off-kilter quirkiness it would be hard to find outside of a QOTSA album or one of Josh Homme's "Desert Sessions" The Psychlist's favourite though has to be "Heavy Glow" its post-punk meets stoner rock groove and infectious chorus just demands repeated plays. In truth though there is not a weak track to be found on "New Blood", each song possess its own individual appeal and charm and each will no doubt prove to be someone's favourite, there are are no fillers here...just killers.!

Catchy vocal melodies, spasmodic refrains and furious rhythms are what Fuzz Evil deliver with "New Blood", a joyous and jagged tsunami of quirky desert fuzziness married to grooves that leave the listener wondering whether they should be dancing or throwing devil horns. 
Check it out ....

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