Tuesday 8 August 2023



"Cassiopeia" is the sixth album from Californian outfit Turn Me On Dead Man, an album that follows on almost six years after the release of their last outing "Heavymetal Mothership". The band, Mykill Zlggy (guitars/vocals); Nick Doom (guitars); Christopher Melville Lyman (drums/percussion, vocals); Jonsey Daysleeper (keyboards/synthesizers) and Jeff Vengeance (bass), have up until the release of this, their new album, been known for packing their albums with songs ranging in lengths of between two to six minute durations, most falling into the shorter category . For "Cassiopeia" however Turn Me On Dead Man have decided to expand their songcraft over slightly longer durations, even stretching to a whopping (for them) nine and a half minutes at one point, the acid tinted psych, heavy metal and prog that informed their previous releases still very much in evidence but this time eked out over longer time frames, its a move that suits their music perfectly

"Apocolypse Wow" is first up and is a song that boasts a shifting musical attack that despite its heavy crunching guitar refrains and punchy rhythms possesses a groove and vocal melody that might have easily seen the song featuring on one of the more adventurous mainstream rock radio stations if it were not for it regularly veering off-piste into proggier territories . "My Vast Empire" follows and finds TMODM toying with soaring exotic scales and shoegaze-like dynamics around a vocal that possesses a touch of  breathy garage rock sneeriness, while "Eva" sees TMODM mixing shoegaze textures with a touch of sleazy glam rock and balancing those dynamics between rocking and restrained, an unusual combination but one that works well. For their next track, "Moonling", TMODM go cosmic with a stunningly infectious song that sees the band playing to all their strengths, swirling synths and keyboard textures married to off kilter dual guitar motifs pushed and steered by a bass and drum rhythm section who know their way around a fusion style groove, vocals don't really make an appearance until the song reaches its half way mark but when they do they are delivered gloriously hazy and free-spirited. Next track "Starlust" finds TMODM in prog-metal mode, keeping things heavy but adding an element of complexity and intricacy to their attack that is at times jaw-dropping, Doom and Zlggy's guitars dualling, trading off and riffing in unison while Daysleeper's keyboards add a spacious element to the proceedings, Vengeance's low bouncy bass lines and Melville Lyman's school of jazz style drumming the glue holding everything together. For title/final track "Cassiopeia" TMODM throw everything into the pot, convoluted prog, heady psych, discordant jazz fusion and torch-like post metal, to create nine minutes thirty seven seconds of pure musical excellence that you know has to eventually come to an end but leaves you secretly hoping never will, 

Turn Me On Dead Man have spent their six years between albums wisely, they have honed their skills as both musicians and songwriters and come up with an album that ticks all the boxes we lovers of the underground rock scene love to see ticked, great songs, strong musicianship and grooves you can really get your teeth into. Do not be surprised to see this album ranking high in those end of year lists, it really is that good!
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  1. This is Christopher Melville Lyman from TMODM, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts..❤️

  2. Nice love there sound thanks for the great music my friend