Friday 23 December 2022



If you look at the date written above this review you will notice that we are fast approaching Christmas Day 2022 and if , like us, you have had your fill of all the doom and gloom we've been forced to endure over the last few years then you will probably find yourselves looking around for something to lift your spirits and shake away all the negativity, something you can crack a beer or get a little high too. "Intergalactic Party Powder" by Robot Death Monkey might be just that something you are looking for, but be warned it is not for the faint of heart.

Put all thoughts of "wokeness" or "political correctness" aside for a while because you sure 'aint gonna find any here, Robot Death Monkey are a band with "cancel me" written large across their foreheads and they don't care. Robot Death Monkey are like the musical equivalent of  those old British "Carry On..." movies, all lewd song titles and lyrics full of  sexual innuendo and tales of beer drinking, a stoner AC/DC only a little less discreet. First song out of the bag "Bantha Rider" is a hoary instrumental monster that does not pretend to be anything else other than a riff fest with its only concession to its Star Wars inspired title being its slightly spaced out and lysergic guitar solos' while "Asgardian Micro Whitey" rips the urine out of all those Viking Metal bands, singing of raiding the land from longboats, by setting its horn headed warriors in a van full of beer and singing of dropping a "six pack an hour" against a backdrop of gnarly stoner metal, "Immigrant Song " it isn't but then why would you want it to be. "Dragon Clit" follows, a chugging stoner instrumental laced with some very ear catching lead work, it is a song that begs two questions, the first being do Dragons posses such a thing, and secondly if they do what are the chances of  a man ever finding it. Robot Death Monkey bring the party to a raucous finale with "Kittens and Coke" a thunderous rocker boasting lyrical content that'll have some running to their keyboards in order to type a scathing email and others marvelling at the bands balls for being so brazen and un-PC in a world that now frowns on such things.

Deep thinking lyrics and intense, complex grooves are all well and good but they just don't cut it when you want to party and Scotland's Robot Death Monkey like to party. The band, Shaun Forshaw (bass/vocals); Sam Forshaw (drums); Alan Travers (guitar) and Fraser Lough (guitar), jam a groove that's full on, in your face and as uplifting as hell, if a times a little near the knuckle.
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