Friday 22 July 2016

WITCH TRIPPER ~ S/T DEBUT ...... review

The names/titles bands choose to call themselves and present their music under can sometimes be confusing. Nottingham, UK's Witch Tripper, a three piece, consisting of Richie Barlow (guitar, vocals), Jimmy Collins (drums) and Chris Stoff Daughton (bass),  have chosen to work beneath a banner that may cause some to believe that the band play a form of  heavy stoner metal tinged with swampy southern groove owing to the fact it is also the name of a song made famous by New Orleans big hitters DOWN and although there are places where the two bands do meet musically the vibe from the Nottingham trio owes more to the British hard rock of the seventies than the swamps of Louisiana as can be evidenced on their self-titled debut "Witch Tripper".
"Witch Tripper" storms out of the blocks on a wave of rip roaring hard rock that does not stop until pummelling the listener into submission. From the funky classic/hard rock groove of "Attitude Adjustment" to the heavy blues based boogie of final track "Black Lips", the band lay down a furious and at times relentless barrage of old school rock'n'roll blended with elements of metal, stoner and classic rock.  Collins' tireless and powerful drumming and Doughton's deft bass playing lay a solid foundation of thrumming rhythm for Barlow to fill with his throaty vocals, gnarly guitar riffage and scorching solo's. Like that other UK threesome, MotorheadWitch Tripper are not about subtlety, these guys like to go for the throat, get in your face letting you know they are there and they are not gonna stop until you either get them or you just fuck off and listen to Coldplay!
Make your choice.....

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