Saturday 17 October 2015


I have not covered an EP on here before that just consists of two songs, no reason, it just has not happened before, well that all changes today with  France's Where The Pavement Ends new self titled EP.
The first thing that strikes you about this extraordinary EP is the artwork, a scene depicting crows flocking around a derelict car in a field of golden grass with dark clouds looming overhead. Painted by Guillaume Menuel ( it draws the viewer in, feeding the imagination, Foreboding and mysterious it is a good indicator for the music you are about to hear.

"Circle Of Life" opens the EP with guitar pickups being tapped and strings being raked before a doomy bass line enters, sinister and darkly menacing it is accompanied by gentle effect drenched guitar licks and arpeggios then explodes into a Sabbath-esque riff before collapsing down again for the vocals to enter.  Clean. strong, partly sang, partly spoken they convey a dark apocalyptic atmosphere that is further enhanced by the lyrical content and the truly wonderful use of  musical dynamics throughout the songs nine minutes. WTPE perfectly understand how to use shades of differing colours and tones to create and build atmosphere and intensity and in "Circle Of Life" they have not only achieved this goal they have surpassed it.

"Lucid Dream" begins with an almost hard rock stoner groove, a stop/start unaccompanied guitar riff filling the void before the rest of the band come in on a groove of doomy distorted guitars and bass bolstered by thunderous rhythmic drumming. The vocals here are in the upper register of the singers range and are sung with a little more gusto and power than the previous number especially when it comes to the songs gloriously catchy chorus. At just after three minutes the song drops into a passage of psychedelic ambience the guitars dropping into gently plucked arpeggios over a backdrop of fluid bass and lightly brushed drums, then just when your getting chilled and relaxed they explode back into a thick syrupy doomy riff with swirling guitar solos screeching and soaring over a SLEEP -like groove that takes it to its conclusion. It is 9:18 of some of the best stoner doom you'll hear this year!
The EP is available over at Bandcamp and you can get it for free if you so wish but i would urge you to throw a few coins the bands way as music this good deserves to be paid for!

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