Friday, 29 June 2018


It is confession time for Desert Psychlist in that we have to ashamedly admit to never hearing, or for that fact, even knowing of Vancouver, Washington stonernaut trio's Jollymon's existence, it seems however, after doing a little investigative research, that there was/is a lot of love out there for Jollymon.
That love can now be reignited (or in Desert Psychlist's case, ignited) as the band, Mark Blackburn (drums) , John Colgate (guitar, vocals) and Carey Rich (bass/vocals), return this year, after an eighteen year absence, with a brand new album " Voidwalker"

Coming to Jollymon for the first time, with "Voidwalker", and having no knowledge of the bands sound prior to this release means Desert Psychlist can approach the bands new album with fresh ears, unhindered by comparisons to past glories and with no preconceptions of what a Jollymon album should actually sound like. Well if. like us, you are a Jollymon virgin then your first reaction, as songs like "Tsunami", "Slice of Life" and "Missile Commander" assail your senses, will be (should be) one of awe and wonder, the albums mix of crunching riffage, progressive textures and world wide melodies, is an absolute delightful introduction to a band who not only ticks all those boxes marked stoner and hard rock but also those marked progressive, pop, funk and reggae and often all in the same song. To be able to pull off such a feat you need strong, confident and skilful musicianship and Jollymon have this in spades, Colgate's guitar soars, swoops  and hovers over, in and around the superbly executed array of rhythmic grooves Rich's bass and Blackburn's drums provide for him, the guitarist as comfortable chopping out roots style reggae chords as he is searing bluesy solos and complex progressive arpeggios. Add into this mix Colgate and Rich's blend of lead and vocal harmonies on songs like "Be Nice" and "Forecast" and you arrive at sound and groove that will not only have you smiling like a cat that's found the cream but will also have you searching record stores and music web sites wanting/needing to check out all their previous work..

Desert Psychlist does not (at this present time) know if "Voidwalker" is a return to form, and this is how damn good Jollymon have always been from day one, or if this is a new and invigorated Jollymon at the total peak of their  musical powers and firing on all cylinders like never before, either way we at the Psychlist wholly recommend you …
Check it out …..

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