Sunday, 23 October 2016


Californian trio Doors To No Where have been together as a band since 2011 but the three musicians had been crossing paths long before this via their involvements in other bands and projects.
In 2015 the band, Marc Lewis (guitar/vocals), Sean Sanford (bass/vocals) and Pete Testoff (drums) came into Desert Psychlist's orbit via their second album "Lucky You" an addictive mixture of stoner/desert and classic rock sprinkled with touches of southern flavouring. On October 28th (2016) Doors to No Where will be releasing their third full length album "The Haunting" via ITunes and Bandcamp as well as their own website .

"The Haunting" follows much in the footsteps of its predecessor "Lucky You" jamming grooves of riff heavy stoner rock around superb clean throaty vocals, except this time around the band have ramped up the bluesy southern swagger and added to it  touches of off-kilter Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age desert quirkiness. "Devil's Backbone", "Burn" and "Who Died And Made You King" are soaked in Josh Homme-like choppy guitar colouring and stuttering rhythmic patterns with the latter employing QOTSA type abrupt shifts in dynamics,time and tempo. The band are not adverse to hitting a more straightforward groove either as on the slightly post-punkish title track "The Haunting" and the stoner/hard rocking "The Policy". On "Sinking" and "Wires" the band even throw in a little grunge/alt-rock structuring with the former boasting a titanic drum display from Testoff.

Third albums are notoriously "difficult" affairs with expectations high for signs of growth and progression but Doors To No Where have with "The Haunting" leapt easily over that hurdle by releasing their best effort to date...Desert Psychlist now waits with baited breath for that "almost impossible" fourth album.
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